Community Farming

Ghana Outlook undertakes two types of community farming projects

  1. Tractor services are provided at subsided costs to women farmers. The tractor enables land to be ploughed and prepared for cultivation and later harvested. This service is vital to remote communities where land is difficult to cultivate and where tractor services are unaffordable. Large areas of difficult land can be ploughed and put into use in preparation for the growing seasons, Although a minimal payment is required for this service it is not enough to fully maintain the tractor and its equipment, which is about £1500 per year.

  2. Women’s gardening groups. Generally each group consists of 20 women. These projects enable small groups of women to grow their own vegetables for the their families and where surplus crops are sold at the market to raise money for seeds for the following growing season and replacement of any broken tools.

All our garden and farming projects must achieve these basic objectives:

  • Give economic independence
  • Provide nutritional food on their table
  • Reduce dependence on charcoal burning and firewood gathering as their only way out in the dry season
  • Enable to provide their family support especially their children school and health needs.