Ghana Outlook became a registered Charity in year 2000.


Ghana Outlook became a registered Charity in year 2000. The founding Trustees were Scout and Venture Scout leaders who were part of a group of Penistone Venture Scouts from South Yorkshire who in 1998 went to help build a school in a rural part of Ghana. They formed a solid relationship with a remarkable Ghanaian called Jospeh Achana, who’s enthusiasm to help his own people in the deprived rural areas Ghana was very inspirational. Ghana Outlook soon became a very much respected charity that was seen to consult with rural communities in asking what their needs and difficulties were and how together it could deliver on the community hopes of making their difficult and challenging lives better and a bit easier.

Improved education health and hygiene are aims and objectives of the charity. Now in 2016 GO continues to help those in severe need of outside help. It is small charity but it has proved many times to punch above its weight and has a successful and solid track record on delivering on all its project proposals. A fact that it is very proud of.

The need to help the poor deprived rural areas of Ghana continues to be a challenge but with public support these challenges can be overcome one by one.

How we operate

Ghana Outlook volunteers in Ghana seek deserving projects and make recommendation to the Trustees of the Charity. Where a project has been identified It physically meets with the community to discuss what self help can be contributed such as free labour. If it can and it is required it will join with the local District Assembly to form a partnership to achieve a bigger gain for the community. GO closely monitors all the projects from the very beginning unto completion. It manages all expenditures very closely to maximise the full benefit of the available funding The GO UK trustees make regular visits to Ghana to check on the projects.

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GO has successfully help to deliver on projects involving other major international organisations such as

  • Rotary International
  • World Rescue Organisation
  • Salvation Army
  • Christian African Relief Trust
  • Cheshire Fire and Fire and Rescue Service

Who we work with

GO has links with the following organisations