Sustained community farming

Help us to deliver on our aim of delivering self-sustained farming across various communities

Various communities in the Wa west, and upper west and eastern areas

Tractor services are provided at subsided costs to women farmers. The tractor enables the hard land to be broken up ploughed and better prepared for cultivation and later harvested when crops are ready.

Ongoing costs need to be covered such as maintenance of tractor, fuel, tires etc, which are currently £1500 per year. Seed such as yellow and white maize are provided along with other crops when available to help set up further and new initiatives

Tractor Community farming

Our women garden projects are for community groups of women between 10 to 20 in size, many being widowed and have no income to provide for their family. The cost of setting up a group is currently £1000. This provides the land, fencing, seeds and gardening tools. In addition we give basic training and instructions on gardening, leadership and financial management.

Ladies farming 1 Ladies farming 2

Both types of farming and community projects can be self sufficient with one to two years and are proving to be a very successful.

Community farm 1 Community farm 2

A previously completed project report can be accessed here