Dry season farming in Nyoli Paani

Another successful dry season gardening project in Nyoli Paani, Upper West Region

Dry season gardening project in Nyoli Paani, Upper West Region

Most women are depending on their husband’s family for farming as they cannot own a piece of land. With this project, the beneficiaries for the first time got their own money from the proceeds of the garden they till.

“We got to have our own money now. Even though we save them as a group, but we are not worried any more where to get money when our husbands will not give us any because we have something saved. We can cater now for our needs and our children’s needs. Thank you so much to those donors,” said Agnes Zoyaari, a mother of five.

Dividing garden beds Watering beds

The women divided the garden beds into 21 beds and each of them has their own bed to attend to. They water twice a day, morning, and evening. Aside from the selling of the produce, a bigger portion of their harvest goes to their table to feed their families. The garden applied no fertilizer and is only using organic fertilizer (goat and chicken manure), our small contribution to keep Mother Earth happy. They have added local vegetables and crops to sow.

Ladies group Vegetables

The group added that they have realized the value of garden because they have been seeing more green vegetables during the season compared to the previous years. They are grateful for the nutritional value it gives to them and their family as well as the economic power it provides.

The project has achieved its objective by giving:

  1. Alternative livelihoods of 21 women
  2. Increased economic power of 21 women;
  3. Increase household food and nutrition security especially during the lean months of the 21 women’s households.

Thank you to Sahara Advocates for Change, our trusted NGO for all their help in making this project another success.