Safe water for Sor-Ereteng community

Borehole provides safe water access to a community of over 300 in Sor-Ereteng

Sor-Ereteng, Wa West/Upper West region

Great news for the 300 strong community of Sor-Ereteng who have now got their first water bolehole providing safe water. Previously it was daily 3.5 km walk to an open-source supply which was the cause of many serious illnesses. Prior to the borehole we provided a community aqua filter that cleans the water and makes it safe to drink.

Existing water supply Long walk for water

Angturo, a community member cried when she saw the borehole, said “that they used to struggle a lot and having the borehole right in front of them is the biggest gift they got in their life”. Water was found at 60m depth and produces 90 litre per minute.

Sincere thanks go to the Rotary Club of Cheadle Royal and Rotary Club of Scarborough Caviliers who provide the funds to make it happen. Many thanks to our partners, which includes Ruby and her team at Sahara Advocates for Change, for their usual professional approach and management on GO behalf.

Existing water supply Long walk for water

As with all GO projects, community consolation take place and MOU’s agreed to ensure the success, maintenance and longevity of the project once completed

It must achieve basic objectives:

  • Access to safe water to prevent water borne diseases such as diarrhoea
  • Reduce the daily stress on women and children who must go in search water.
  • Give women more available time to give essential crop or other meaningful production.
  • Enable able children to spend more time at school instead of looking for water and suffering ill health from dirty water consumption.

The completed project report can be accessed here