Safe water borehole for Nyekonakope

Safe water supply delivered for community in Nyekonakope


Nyekonakope is a large community of 1000. They faced ever increasing server challenges in obtaining water of any description. Their hand dug well-built so long ago no one can remember now produces very little water which is contently stagnant. Their main regular source of water, which is not good at all. During these dry periods life is all about looking for water for basic survival.

Ghana Outlook visited this site and decided that the community had urgent need for safe water if there was to be any chance of a better quality of life and health, where sickness was always present.

Existing well Existing well 2

As with all GO projects, community consolation take place and MOU’s agreed to ensure the success, maintenance and longevity of the project once completed

It must achieve basic objectives:

  • Access to safe water to prevent water borne diseases such as diarrhoea
  • Reduce the daily stress on women and children who must go in search water.
  • Give women more available time to give essential crop or other meaningful production.
  • Enable able children to spend more time at school instead of looking for water and suffering ill health from dirty water consumption.

Existing well 3 Existing water supply

Today GO is pleased to say that the community as plenty of safe water and community life has been transformed.

Thank you to PSR&D in Ghana for managing the project for GO and to the individual supporters who made this project happen.

New borehole