Safe water borehole for Madakope

Borehole provides safe water access Madakope community

Safe water borehole for Madakope

Things were desperate for the 257 people of this small community. They faced server challenges in obtaining water of any description. Their only regular source of water was an open water hand dug well that dries off during the long dry seasons. This same source was also shared by other satellite communities totaling 360 persons. The same water source was also shared by wild animals and domesticated farm animals, with the obvious additional concerns of urine and feces infected water.

The plight of the community was brought to the attention of Ghana Outlook, and it was decided that we should support this community to solve its acute water shortages, which compels women and children to travel far in search of water which is not even safe to use and has a big negative impact on their livelihood, health, and education of the community.

Community picture

As with all GO projects, community consolation take place and MOU’s agreed to ensure the success, maintenance and longevity of the project once completed, it must achieve basic objectives:

  • Access to safe water to prevent water borne diseases such as diarrhoea
  • Reduce the daily stress on women and children who must go in search water.
  • Give women more available time to give essential crop or other meaningful production.
  • Enable able children to spend more time at school instead of looking for water and suffering ill health from dirty water consumption.

New borehole

Community comments

Charity Akrasu: “We are really enthused about the project because we use to travel far in search of water but now with just few minutes’ walk, we have access to water. We suffered so much from water borne diseases, snake bites and acute water challenges. I thank you donors for coming to us.”

Atsu Amada: “The provision of the water was very timely because water is a basic necessity of life which we have been waiting for an opportunity to get access to. We thank the donors for providing the funds for the project because we use to travel far in search of water.”

Quote from an opinion Leader; “We will not suffer from any rashes or diseases because we have clean water; we have more time to spend in our farms; our children can now go to school on time and we will not experience Snake bites. We thank all we made this possible.”

Getting water from borehole