Safe water supply for the farming community of Bebora Gomma

Safe water borehole project for Bebora Gomma, Wa, Upper West Region

Bebora Gomma, Wa, Upper West Region

Bebora Gomma, a small farming community on a hilly side of Nyoli Paani in Wa West District, Upper West Region has not owned a potable water supply since the community was established about 60 years ago.

They have been fetching water wherever they could and manage it no matter what the colour looks like. They have been depending on a small dug out they have dug in a small stream in a valley nearby especially during the dry season and in the rainy season the stream will be full of water.

Dried up supply Existing supply

The search for water failed on the first attempt as area is very rocky. The first drilling site went down to 100 meters and no water came, but in the second site hit water at 50 meters at flowed at 150 litres per minute.

For Wekari Baa-iremuro Paul who is 70 years old said, his grandchildren and their children’s children will no longer suffer the way they suffered. He cannot thank the donor enough but will ask God to continue to bless them.

Delivery of supplies Constructing borehole

Bebora Gomma inhabitants expressed their gratitude one by one during the program. Mr. Robert Anthony, representing the youth voiced out that he was very happy when he got to know that they are now getting water and it is flowing. He added that now the ladies are interested to marry men in Bebora Gomma while before they spurned on them because the community had no water.

For Amina Yahaya, a seven-year-old girl, the water gives her so much joy as she can now fetch water nearby and not have to walk far for water that she did twice a day.

Access to clean water supply Access to clean water supply

As can be seen from the photos, it was a desperate situation what Ghana Outlook witnessed when seeing the terrible source of their only water. It was a 40min walk to this source of water and as in the case of other similar sources it is used and shared by wild animals.

Ghana Outlook is grateful to our supporters that enabled us to get the funding in place to give the community a much-needed safe source of water. Thank you.

The completed project report can be accessed here