Kpogadzi now have access to safe water

Community of 550 in Kopgadzi, Volta Region provided with a safe water supply

Kpogadzi, Volta Region.

Request: Provide safe water

Another successful safe water project, this time for the Kpogadzi community of 550. Kpogadzi, a very deprived community depends solely on the success of their farming and other skills that they can apply to make and sell items at the local markets.

Inspecting borehole Existing borehole

As can be seen from the photos, it was a desperate situation what Ghana Outlook witnessed when seeing the terrible source of their only water. It was a 40min walk to this source of water and as in the case of other similar sources it is used and shared by wild animals.

Ghana Outlook is grateful to our supports that enabled us to get the funding in place to give the community a much needed safe source of water. Thank you.

Inspecting borehole Existing borehole