Kupali Borehole

Safe water borehole project for Kupali in the Wa District

Kupali in the Wa District, Upper West Region

Things were desperate for the 1000 people community of Kupali. The normal river water source was dry, and the community had dug a deep hole in the riverbed to access water. GO saw for itself the urgent need for a safe water supply. Guinea worm infections were also seen and where urgent medical action had to be taken for a young boy and subsequently his leg has been saved from possible amputation.

Hassan needing treatment Current water source

The newly installed mechanised water borehole and supply tank has transformed the lives of the community. The lady at the bottom of the dugout hole in the riverbed can be seen enjoying clean safe water. Thank you to Sahara Advocates for Change for overseeing the implementation on behalf of GO.

New water source Lady enjoying water Mechanised pump