Orthopaedic Training Centre

Several projects delivered for the Orthopaedic Training Centre (OTC)

Ghana Outlook has had long standing relationship with OTC after we once provided it with medical equipment. It was started in 1961 by Brother Tarcisius who of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD). He quickly gained a well-respected reputation for helping disabled people in Ghana to “stand on their own feet” providing them with “life-changing support.” The OTC empowers physically challenged people to enjoy life, study, and take jobs. Education and the development of self-esteem, giving hope and support to parents, changing the perception and attitude of society toward this group of people: these are key values of the OTC. During the past years, the Centre has helped over 3000 children and 3000 adults annually.

Ghana Outlook has had three projects involvements with the OTC:

Water bore hole

The centre was spending a large amount of its funding on providing bottle water as they had no other supply. This took away vital financial resources from other areas like treatment and schooling. Ghana Outlook was more than happy to help out with the provision of a safe water supply. Sister Elizabeth and William Mensah (Ghana Outlook Volunteer) opened the new bore hole.

Opening the new bore hole

Provision of security lighting

The OTC faces many challenges in meeting the costs of everyday life. The continued increased of the cost of electricity forced the OTC to consider the progressive introduction of solar power lighting. In response to this the OTC secured funding to install the first stage of a solar energy system to cover the highest consumption activities in the compound. However, the need to complete the system by installing solar lighting throughout the compound became urgent following security issues.

OTC patients, most of whom are children, are physically challenged and very vulnerable. In spite of having security personnel on-site, break ins were a continuous problem and the risk of such incidents was higher during the frequent interruptions to mains power supply when the whole site was in total darkness at night.

Children eating on table

Ghana Outlook, together with the Rotary Clubs of Barnsley, Stainborough, and Wilmslow along with individual financial support managed to provide the required £10,000 funding to install the much needed solar powered security lighting system in March 2017. This combined with the water bore hole provided by Ghana Outlook earlier in the year has contributed immensely to the health and safety for all patients and staff at the centre.

Maternity hospital

The OTC also runs a maturity Hospital nearby and they had the same issue of using most of their funding resources to buy bottled water. Again, because of the great work of the OTC, Ghana Outlook was happy to make every effort to fund them a safe water bore hole. On this occasion in would to be an electric operated one that wold pump water all around the hospital.

Plaque showing dedication to Joseph Achana and Marie Galliford

Sister Elizabeth and Sister Cecilia are delighted with their new electric water bore hole for the maternity hospital. It was opened in honour of two much loved and missed Trustees.