Kpalowongu School Project

Dedicated staff in Kpalowongu school request desks and chairs

A small project we are trying to get off the ground is the need for 200 double desks and chairs for the 400 children, of all ages at the Kpalowongu school, we have negotiated a good price of £16 per each double deck and chairs, making a total of 200 required.

Children sat on floor

Ghana Outlook visited the school after a request had been made and we very impressed with the dedication of the teachers. The school itself is a good 2.5 hours into the bush where the access roads is very bad. It is a very deprived community but as a strong character. The teachers made a simple polite request by asking if we could help provide the desks and chairs for the children who have to sit on the concrete floor every day when at school. We made no promises but GO felt it had to make the effort. We are hoping for individual donation from people who might one or more double desk and chairs for £16 or even better a company or organisation who who would like to commit to it

Teacher with class

Update: July 2019

Thank you to the many individual supporters who bought one of the 200 double desks and chairs for £16. The desks and chairs are now in place at the school as can be seen in the photo.

Image 3

The school teachers and 400 children of the school have expressed their thanks to everyone. At long last they now have somewhere to sit and work from after many years of sitting on the floor.

Image 4