Zentey-Dzolo gets Safe Water

The Junior High School, the Primary School and the Zentey-Dzolo Community of 350 now have safe water

Image 11 The Zentey-Dzolo community, Volta Region, Ghana, is a rural group of villages at the centre of which is a farming community of some 350 people, a junior high school and a primary school. The schools have safe water through existing boreholes but the community has to obtain unsafe water from nearby ponds and stream. The elders of the community gave undertakings to manage the use of a borehole if provided and in return Ghana Outlook with partners the Rotary Clubs of Stainborough and Scarborough Cavaliers raised £5,000 is to sink a borehole in the centre of the community. The work was managed by Vivian and Jovith Achana or local, longstanding partners in the Volta Region. Image 12