Nimbale Primary School gets a smart, dry latrine toilet block

Safe water is only part of the requirement for rural communities in Ghana. Safe sanitation in the semi-arid north of the country is also a challenge. The primary school children at Nimbale were reluctant to use their dry latrine toilets as they were havens for flies and generally unpleasant. Ghana Outlook suggested simple changes to the building so that flies and smells are nolonger problems.

Image 23 The four cubicle dry pit latrine building for the primary school had been constructed incorrectly so that it could not function as a hygienic and low odour toilet block. The result was an unpopular facility and ample evidence of open defecation. Ghana Outlook provided the £750 funds and expertise to restore the building and to install a polytank, fed from rains collected from the roof, with tap and soap for hand-washing. C4C supervised the work throughout. Image 24