Safe water for Sor-Yenteng community

Borehole is required to provide safe water access to a community of over 300 in Sor-Yenteng

Sor-Yenteng, Wa West/Upper West region

The community of Sor-Yenteng has a population of over 300 and has lacked safe water for many years. Their only source is a stream which dries up in the long dry season. They then have to go to other poor communities and beg for water.

Their nearest next water is from a dug-out, a 3.5km walk each way to fill a 40L bowl. The river water has to be spared as much as they can to ensure the cattle have water to drink and do not die of thirst.

The community is willing to help by giving their time and labor. They have no means to raise the funds to provide a borehole.

GO along with its partner in Ghana, Sahara Advocates for Change, have agreed that this community is in desperate need of help and safe water. The community will be trained in the use and maintenance of a borehole when the funding has been obtained to provide one

Existing water supply Long walk for water