Water borehole project for Sigri 2

Help provide safe and clean water to community of Sigri 2

Sigri 2

A community of 450 predominantly peasant farmers. The mode of settlement is dispersed to enable the community farmers to have enough farming land. Their only source of water is a river that runs across the community. It dries up for a substantial period in the dry season. The unsafe water which is used for drinking, cooking and washing. The same water source has to be shared by all the farm animals, so they too can survive the dry season.

Animals using water supply Getting water

The Chief explained that when the stream dries up, they have to scoop some portions of the riverbed to get water, but it is always inadequate. Those who are able are forced to track to nearby villages like Bungberi and Sigri No.1 which is a 2 mile trek to access those boreholes. That means a return trip of four miles to fetch water, which can be up to five times a day.

Community getting water Taking water back