Repairs for Abordahi school

Repair the storm damaged roof and extend the accommodation block

Abordahi, Volta Region

Request. To repair storm damaged to the roof to teacher’s accommodation and to extend the accommodation block to facilitate two more teachers.

Existing class room Child with slate

Ghana Outlook has invested 16 years of effort in lifting this very poor community. A large community that had no school in 2001. In 2004 GO built the first of three school blocks cover all ages of education up to Senior Secondary High. Last year the school exams results was the best in the district and to that effect they won an award for the effort. This investment in the community has returned in education success of many students who go there.

Lack of kitchen facilities Meals being prepared

Teachers now want to come and teach at Abordahi, but because of its remote location we needed to provide accommodation, which we did in 2005. The school is now seeking to increase its staff by two and have made a request to extend the block for that reason, whilst at the same time repair the storm damage to the roof. Cost of Materials is £2500. The community will build the rooms and repairs.